Benefits of Using CNC Lathe Machines

CNC lathe machining is both popular and necessary. CNC mill and lathe machines have replaced many of the older style production lathes. The modern-day lathe machine is designed to use advanced versions of carbide tooling and processes.

Lathe Machine Parks and Functions

Because of modernization and customization, the path of the tool used is commonly programmed using CAM or CAD processes. However, it is still possible for a part or tool path to be designed manually.

To get superior results from CNC lathe machining, a coded computer file is uploaded to the actual CNC machine. From there, the machine automatically produces the parts or components based on the input programming information. The parts of the lathe machine combined with precision computer programming are the reasons that finished products are produced to exact specifications.

Additional Benefits of a Lathe Machine

Incredible precision is the primary benefit of a lathe machine. Even if you need extremely detailed parts or components made, the programmed computer uses specific CNC lathe machining techniques that ensure perfection of the finished product. Beyond superb quality are many other benefits to consider, including the following examples:

  • Quick and Easy Setup – The setup of both CNC mill and lathe machines is done quickly and easily.
  • Repeatability – Especially for mass production, a lathe machine creates identical parts and components. However, this is also beneficial for smaller quantities and shorter runs.
  • Automation – As mentioned, CNC lathe machining techniques are performed automatically while being guided by a computer. Although a highly trained and skilled operator sees a simulation regarding the machine’s functionality during the production phase, the actual lathing process is virtually automated. With this process, the operator is not necessarily required to know a great deal about the machine or computer program, which was not the case with earlier machine versions.
  • Varying Techniques – Most CNC mill and lathe machines share similarities in composition. However, they are designed in unique ways based on what the machine produces. Therefore, CNC lathe machining involves using a very specific machine for the parts or components that you need, which ensures absolute precision.


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