CNC Lathe Machining for Perfect Parts and Components

For many years, a trained operator used a lathe to rotate work material by hand. However, after Computer Numerical Control (CNC) was developed, things changed dramatically. Today, CNC lathe machining is performed by following instructions provided by a computer. The appropriate numeric for the part or component being made is fed into a special computer, which then directs CNC lathe machining to perform its job.

Using CNC lathe services in Ohio offered by NexGen Machine, our turning centers provide increased rigidity. In addition, our operators apply extreme attention to detail when designing and overseeing lathe operation. With CNC lathe machining in Ohio, even the most challenging projects are completed to exact specifications. Therefore, lathe machine parts always meet strict specifications.


CNC Lathe Machining for Batches of All Sizes


Whether CNC lathe machine parts and components are produced in small or large batches, there are cost savings. With smaller batches, companies maintain less inventory. Therefore, nothing goes to waste and less physical space is required. For large batches, customers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of the same part or component, each the same. Because of this, the end-user product is of superior quality, which means fewer returns and happier customers.


When we lathe machine parts, you are assured that the best method of programming is used for each job. This means that we never take a cookie-cutter approach to our customer’s needs but look at each project individually to ensure the part or component meets specifications but in a more efficient manner. For rotating material so CNC cutting tools can remove and shape, we use only cutting-edge CNC lathe machining.


Based on the lathe services in Ohio provided by NexGen Machine, we can follow the precise path of tools and stock removal. Therefore, material waste is eliminated. Using state-of-the-art machinery, we can also avoid potential crashes by checking the program for errors and making quick but appropriate decisions. This keeps production moving so that our customers’ orders are not only exact but also delivered on time as promised.


To stay competitive, it is essential that you use only the highest-quality parts and components available, which comes from the quality CNC lathe machining provided by NexGen.