Manufacturers of Precision CNC Drilling in Ohio

Every day, millions of CNC machine products are made. While some products are milled, bored, and cut, others are drilled. If you need extremely accurate drilled holes, it is essential that you work with a reputable CNC machining shop. Because precision CNC drilling benefits multiple applications and industries, it has become increasingly more common.

For instance, precision drilling is required for the manufacturing of spray nozzles, torch tips, hydraulic valves, gas direct injections, and more. With custom CNC drilling in Ohio, precision holes enhance both functionality and integrity of the manufactured product. That means that, ultimately, you build a better product for consumers.

Achieving Success

Computer programming is the key to success when manufacturing precision CNC products. To ensure absolute precision, a skilled operator uses computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and/or computer aided design (CAD) software to generate a special code that is based on the product to be drilled.

Shaft machining manufacturers use this type of drilling machine to produce accurate and reliable holes, based on your specifications. Once the code is entered into the computer, the appropriate tool is selected. Automatically, precision CNC drilling is done. The finished product has holes of the right dimension, size, depth, and length.

What makes precision drilling done in CNC shops so unique is that the machine can also make holes of different sizes. In this case, a skilled operator knows which positions on the tool changer the drill bits fit into. Before drilling, the operator will visualize the finished product by using CAD, which draws an exact picture. Then, using a certain portion of CAM, that picture is converted into lines or marks where drill holes are to be made.

To ensure outstanding quality, CNC shops are required to follow very strict protocols. For CNC machined products to be of the highest quality possible, drilling tool bits consistent with the CNC program are used. In addition, the operator will change out drill bits before they become too dull to be effective. Other protocols include securely fixing the product to be manufactured and running the machine at the correct speed.

Going with the Right CNC Machining Shop

NexGen Machine proudly delivers the highest quality finished products, whether cutting, milling, drilling, and so on. For CNC machined products, we maintain a reputation of excellence. To learn more about the services that we offer or to schedule an appointment with a company representative, we welcome your call.