Overview: Precision Machined Shafts

Precision CNC machining covers many different things, including milling, drilling, and cutting of steel, copper, aluminum, and other metals, as well as plastics. For the fabrication of shafts, it is essential that you choose the right precision CNC machining services.

The company handling your project should boast experience and expertise in CNC machining. That way you know the shafts are expertly designed and machined to your exact specifications. As a result, the shafts are capable of transmitting power and carrying loads to exact tolerances.

Shafts for Multiple Applications and Industries

Shafts play a critical role in most rotating equipment. Because size has a huge impact on the characteristics of precision CNC machining, the design and prototyping of shafts are vital. The right precision CNC machining services produce varying diameters and lengths that ensure tight tolerances.

Using computer-controlled CNC machines, prototyping is completed quickly and parts and components are fabricated in short lead times. Depending on the exact application, along with parts or components required, different machines are used, including CNC turning, CNC lathing, CNC milling, CNC drilling, and so on. Overall, very precision dimensions are achieved, automatically.

Thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to produce custom shafts at speeds for outstanding performance, but also degradation at high temperatures. Ultimately, the fabricated shafts are strong and durable. Top-rated precision CNC machining services are qualified to produce a broad range of shafts used for extremely demanding applications within multiple industries.

Manufacturing High-Quality Shafts

Here are just a few examples of what precision CNC machine shops provide:

  • Hydroelectric Power – Fabricated shafts for the generation of power, whether wind, steam, oil, or gas
  • Marine – Shafts used for marine, bridge, and barge applications
  • Boat Propellers – Along with boat propellers, precision CNC machining services are used for fabrication parts and components such as threaded shafts, pinion shafts, pump shafts, and more
  • Medical – CNC machining services produce shafts used in orthopedic knee surgery

To ensure high performance, efficient functionality, and even safety, precision CNC machining is essential. The finished products are ultimately used in applications that affect the public. Therefore, you need to consider only the best CNC precision machine shops that guarantee superior quality shaft fabrication.

Quality Shaft Fabrication

NexGen Machine has a 40-plus year reputation for being one of the best companies for precision CNC machining. We take pride in the shafts that we make and always strive to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. To learn more about all of our services or to speak with a company representative, please contact us.