Transitioning from Manual to CNC Milling

There are many benefits when transitioning from manual to CNC milling. Especially for custom CNC milling, you can enjoy a seamless transition, greater revenue, and happier customers than with manual milling. Ultimately, you end up with a CNC milling shop that is well-respected for producing superior-quality parts and components.

Reasons for Transitioning


The primary reason for choosing CNC milling over manual has to do with productivity. When switching from any type of manual work to CNC machining, whether lathing, drilling, or milling, productivity increases dramatically. In fact, a retrofit is capable of turning out parts and components anywhere between 75% and 300% faster than a manual machine.


Another reason for going from manual to CNC machining or custom milling is that accuracy improves. Thanks to modern technology, a cutting-edge CNC milling shop, like NexGen in Ohio, can produce parts and components with extreme accuracy. This accuracy is repeatable, whether producing a small or large batch. As a result, the customer develops products for end-users that are identical in quality.


Even complex parts and components can be manufactured with CNC milling over manual milling. With CNC, a special computer software program follows instructions based on the customer’s specifications. This allows the highly advanced machine to produce parts and components that have intricate detailing, something that is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve using a manual milling machine.


Additional Benefits of CNC Milling


Scrap is also reduced when transitioning from manual to CNC machining. Because of the way that custom CNC machining for milling works, only the necessary amount of scrap as part of manufacturing parts and components is eliminated. Ultimately, the overall amount of scrap that goes to waste is far less. This helps keep overhead costs down, which are then passed onto the customer, who passes savings down for end-users to enjoy.


Some of the newer CNC milling machines available are truly remarkable. These machines can sustain a 99.9% rate for on-time delivery and part acceptance. Therefore, customers are provided finished parts and components that meet specifications on time and without flaws. All of these benefits combined make it easy to see why a CNC milling shop is more successful than one following manual milling processes.