What Is CNC Turning?

With CNC turning services, tooling is mounted onto a computer-controlled turret. When operating a machine shop, precision CNC turning is a specific method used whereby a pointed cutting tool feeds parallel onto the surface of material being rotated. For rotation, a lathe is used, which secures and spins the part of the material being machined. Therefore, with CNC turning, the single-point cutting tool removes and shapes the material into the required part.

For CNC turning in Ohio from NexGen Machine, we use a dual axis of movement, which could be a straight line or complex angles and curves. Our precision CNC turning centre creates a variety of shapes, including tapered, contoured, plain, threaded, radius, and filleted. With a CNC drilling machine, we provide custom CNC aluminum parts and components in various size batches. The bottom line: Our custom CNC turning meets the needs of every customer.


Advanced Technology of CNC Turning


Prior to CNC turning, the lathe was spun by a human with a steady hand who applied the cutting tool to the material. However, thanks to advanced technology, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) was developed. In addition to programming commands fed into the lathe, this eliminates manual work.


That means that today, precision CNC turning is far more reliable and accurate than ever before. In addition, the cost of production has decreased, which ultimately saves customers money. Another key benefit of a CNC drilling machine is that producing mass quantities of the same part ensures 100 percent perfection. This improves the company’s reputation while building a stronger customer base.


This process guarantees that every custom CNC aluminum part made for automotive, aerospace, medical, and other types of businesses will meet tight tolerances. Therefore, that customer provides high-quality products to end-users so that, ultimately, everyone benefits.


Of course, if you need CNC turning performed, it is imperative that you choose a company with a long history and record of excellence. That way, you know the information will be fed into the computer correctly, that tools and machines are in superior condition, and that the work material is of the highest quality possible. As a result, the exact part or component you order meets, if not exceeds, your expectations.