CNC machined products are used by companies in multiple industries. Whether automotive, tooling, aerospace, manufacturing, weapon making, or something else, machined parts are extremely precise and accurate. Although these are critical characteristics regardless, for some industries, precision means the difference between success and failure.

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For CNC machining, there are several unique types of drill bits, each used for a very specific purpose. However, all drill bits are designed to produce extremely accurate results. With this, manufacturing capabilities are greatly enhanced. By using computer numerical control (CNC) parameters, tasks that at one time would have taken a lot of time and effort is now mastered quickly and efficiently. Read more!

CNC milling is sometimes referred to as CNC machining, which operates using commands or G codes programmed from an internal computer. CNC, the acronym for Computer Numerical Control, consists of alphanumeric codes, each leading to very specific functions performed by a machine. In the 1950s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and United States Air Force created numerically controlled milling or NC. CNC milling is simply an extension of that. With the original NC, helicopter blades were created thanks to coded programming but then in the 1960s, public companies began using the process Read more!

NexGen Machine Company has been providing customers with excellent service and superior CNC machined parts since 1973. Although some processes are considered standard for our type of business we also offer custom CNC milling. Our goal is to ensure customers are never provided cookie-cutter solutions but instead, services that will help their company succeed.

Regardless of the material being worked or the type of part, our team of professionals uses their expertise in custom CNC milling to ensure everything is approved, not just aesthetically but also from a functionality standpoint. By using three-axis milling machines, we have the ability to milling up to six orthogonal sides of a part and multiple features.

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